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Privacy policy and cookies

Privacy policy and cookies

Data Protection

Architecture TOTE SER respects the privacy of its users, following the current legislation (Law no. 67/98, of October 26, Law regarding Protection of Property). collects personal data (*) through an existing contact form on the Contacts page and, in the remaining pages, through the subscription of a Newsletter, sent periodically. The data (*) from the Contacts page, submitted by the user, are used only and exclusively for the conversation regarding the question entered by the user in that form. gathers your personal data (*) when you visit our website and when asking for additional information through the existing forms. When you voluntarily provide this data (*), you agree to communicate accurate information that does not harm the interests or rights of third parties.

Architecture TOTE SER agrees to preserve all submitted information by the user at and not to grant its access to third parties, without prior consent of the user, either in writing or through electronic authorization.

(*) The data refers to information related to your individual that you voluntarily provided by filling out the forms in The personal data encompass nominative data (such as your name, surname and contacts) and electronic identification on your computer via cookies, which identify the language, location, operating system, among others. To be noted that the electronic identification data allows the identification of you connection equipment or the pages consulted on the site during your navigation and are usually insufficient to identify you in a nominative way.

Use of Cookies

While consulting our site, information related to your navigation is likely to be recorded in files called cookies, installed on your equipment. These cookies do not allow you to register your personal information but rather, the information regarding your browsing of our website (consulted pages, location data, etc) and serve solely and exclusively to improve the features of and to provide you a better experience. For this purpose, we use the web application Google Analytics.

The cookies used are those of Google Analytics that allows us to count the number of visitors and sources of traffic, to measure and improve the performance of, using a service provided by Google Analytics.
Used cookies: _ga, _gat, _gid.

We also use cookies of consent, to avoid you having to authorize the use of cookies every time you visit our site.
Used cookie: cookieconsent_status.

Registering a cookie is up to you. You have the possibility to configure your browser in a way that it doesn’t register cookies, either completely or partially. The configuration also gives you the ability to accept or refuse cookies in a timely manner, before registering them in your device.

By not using cookies in you can change and/or modify your browsing and experience, the features and block access to available services or that may exist on this site.