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Privacy policy and cookies

Privacy policy and cookies

Data Protection

ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER respects its users confidentiality respecting the current legislation (Law 67/98 form October, 28th - Data Protection Law). collects the net surfer personal data* through the contact form which is on the page "contacts" and on the other pages through the Newsletter registration send periodically. The entered data* in the "contacts" page, given by the users are only used to communicate with them. collects personal datas to navigate on the web site pages and when the user fills information in the form. When you give your data* voluntarily you engage yourself to communicate precise informations and they will not harm the interest and right of a third party.

ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER compromises itself to protect your given informations on and do not pass to a third party, without a writing and a digital (email) user authorization.

* The transmited data are informations regarding the user physic person (name, surname and contact) and electronic data informations are available on your computer through cookies, which identify language, localization, operative system, among others. It is important to underline that the electronic identification data allow us to identify your device with the one you connect on the page or the pages that you consult, nevertheless this informations are insufficient to identify you.

Cookies Use

During your vist on the web site, informations related with navigation may record in the cookies file, install on your device. Those cookies do not allow us to register your personal information but allow us to record your navigation informations on our web site (consulted pages, date, localisation, etc.) and serve to improve the functionnality of and to give a better experience. For this we use the Google Analytics app.

Cookies are used by Analytics and allow us to calculate the number of visit or the origin of the trafic in order to measure and improve the performance.
Used cookies: _ga, _gat, _gid.

We also use consent cookie to avoid asking you, everytime you visit our website, your acceptance to cookies.
Used cookie: cookieconsent_status.

The cookie recording depends on your will. It has the possibility to configurate your navigation in order to only register, completely or partially, cookies. The configuration offers you the possibility to accept the cookies in a punctual maner, before register on your equipment.

The non-use of cookies on can change and/or modify your navigation and experience, fonctionnality or availability of services or those which can exist on the web site.