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Website terms of use


The objective of this document is to establish and regulate the using conditions and to save the www.insuites.pt data. This website is property of ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER, lda. The client can enter the website via the domain www.insuites.pt. The website gives informations of touristic accommodations, reservations and other services related to tourism.

The use of this website, and all the services provided, entail the total acceptation of the general using conditions which are detailed in the privacy policy (see Privacy & Policy), and also the acceptance of the following general conditions. We recommend printing or downloading these conditions and reading them carefully.

General informations

The present website’s holder is ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER, Lda., whose fiscal number is NIF 503654043 and whose head office is located at Rua Nova do Almada, nº95 – 4B, 1200-288 Lisboa (Portugal). For more informations: geral@insuites.com.

Website Use

Accepting the following general conditions, the user compromises itself to use the services provided in a defined maner and form. It is forbidden to use this site, services or content for illicite purposes or for other pruposes, without our permission.

Website's domain & security

The domain is www.insuites.pt.

Access to the website is the entire and exclusive responsibility of the user. Insuites.pt uses security systems (anti-virus, firewalls) in order to guarantee a sure user experience, nevertheless, cybernetics attacks are more and more common. That’s why we recommend the user to use secured personal access in order to navigate safely on the web. ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER is not responsible for the damages cause to hardware (equipment) or software (ex. browser, operating system or other) during the visit of our website.


ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER makes sure all content is up-to-date, in order to avoid mistakes or out-of-date information. ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the website information at any time and without notice, just like the right to limit or forbid the access to the website.

We are not responsible for the content, commercial activities and/or products and services from other entities, through electronics links existing on insuites.pt.


ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER used the best practices and technique of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), in the construction of its website insuites.pt, in order to make the navigation intuitive and fluid./p>

Insuites.pt is a responsive website, it adapts to any smartphone, tablet or computer and it’s configured to navigate on every browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari). However, you can have some navigation problems beyond our control. ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER is not responsible for errors occurring during the navigation on our site due to a bad usage of the website insuites.pt or the use of browser that can harm its navigability.

In this case ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER is not responsible for loses, errors or damages that may be caused because of the connection on insuites.pt, its use, its breakdown, interruption, problems or fault that can result from services operator fails, as electricity, telecommunications, etc.

Author Rights

All the contents (texts, images, illustrations, icons, site, photography, videos, sounds or other supports) that are on insuites.pt has been created by ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER and are its property except when other authors are referred.

The user compromises itself not to modify, copy and/or eliminate any branding elements used on the website, such as the brand, commercial name (draws, logotype, etc.), author rights and/or business identification data or others being on the website.

The user will not be able to use the brand, symbols, logotypes or others branding elements which are the property of ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER without an explicit writing consent from the company copyright holder.